With Nicole Sheidl and Angelina Ireland

A summary of this video taken from the Faytene Show YouTube channel:

Canada now has some of the loosest laws in the world concerning Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)—in 2023 this will be expanded to those with mental illness.

In its original form, MAiD was legalized exclusively for Canadians suffering from serious and incurable physical illnesses, with a high likelihood of dying in the foreseeable future. There was also a 10 day waiting period to give time for people to re-consider, thereby vulnerable Canadians from making an irreversible decision under duress.

In 2021 the Liberal government expanded the scope and allowed those who are not terminal but have been diagnosed with remediable, incurable, and intolerable suffering to be legally eligible for MAiD. They also removed the 10 day waiting period. Canadians who are not terminal can now request, and receive, MAiD in the same day.

A joint Parliamentary committee of the House of Commons and Senate recently released a report reviewing the law. The report gave support for this expansion and said safeguards are sufficient as long as they are interpreted correctly. However, witnesses flagged this as problematic stating that there is no official scientific definition for irremediable, incurable, and intolerable suffering. Mental Health advocates have also warned that the current legislative trend could leave those who are depressed and suicidal vulnerable to making an irreversible decision that could have been prevented with proper emotional counselling.

Nicole Sheidl of Canadian Physicians for Life and Angelina Ireland of the Delta Hospice Society join us to discuss the impacts of this recent expansion, and share their observations from the front lines.