People who read about Project Rachel may wonder where the title comes from.

Below the image of the Madonna (left column) is the scriptural reference from Jermiah 31:15-17, which indicates that our children, though seemingly lost to this world because of the abortion choice are spiritually returned to us through the healing ministry program of Project Rachel. Through this healing journey, we no longer feel hopeless. We are no longer defined by our abortion choice. We find a new beginning -- a love connection with our dear baby who has forgiven us and loves us --- it is a reunion with our child and our Creator.

For nothing is Impossible with God.

1985 – Project Rachel began in the US, within the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin under the leadership of Vicki Thorn.

1996 – Project Rachel was adopted and initiated in the Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax by Nova Scotians United for Life.

1997 – THE Executive Director of Nova Scotians United for Life found Project Rachel on the web and brought it to the NSUL Board members who readily approved of this new pro-life outreach. We informed the Archdiocese of Halifax that we were planning on initiating this healing ministry and received their approval.

It was her firm conviction that not only would we now be able to tell of the devastation done to the baby in the womb whose life ended, but also of the serious damage done to the soul of the mother and father.

Interestingly, we were so convicted that we wanted to start this ministry the next day!

However, the Lord had a plan for intense prayer and planning on our part which lasted 3 ½ yrs!

We looked into various programs that had been established, however eventually we were inspired to develop one of our own which we will willingly, freely share with anyone wishing to reach out and provide a safe, confidential space for post-abortive moms and dads to share their stories.

At one point, after a presentation to about 15 interested attendees, a woman commented that we must be so disappointed that only 15 showed up. Our response was that we were delighted that there was at least one other person who felt as passionate about post-abortion healing as we did.

And for our first group session here is how God wanted to let us know that HE IS IN CHARGE of this ministry.

2001 – First support group.

That first evening in 2001, when we 6 facilitators met with 6 post-abortion women, we were all set up in a corner of the church near the altar. Now each one of us was nervous --- none of the facilitators had facilitated before and for the women none had spoken about it to many, if any at all.

All of a sudden the priest comes in with a bunch of people ---- for a wedding rehearsal!

We went over to him and explained that we had booked the church for Project Rachel and he indicated no problem he would be finished in about 20-25 minutes!

Fortunately one of the facilitators was a parishioner at this church and knew of a very small room that was not being used, so 12 of us squeezed in there shoulder to shoulder and made that our space. We figure the Lord knew that these women needed to be close to each other in support of each other.

Since 2001 we have continuously offered support services. Project Rachel has over the years added both new facilitators and new program elements. We have always been open to the fact that it is the Lord who is in charge of His miraculous healing.

2002 – Started the Healing Rock Garden Ministry.

2008 – Started the Christmas “With my Angel at the Manger”