Based upon inquiries/need, Project Rachel primarily offers three distinct types or levels of support, as follows:

Small Group: We facilitate a shared experience of women healing from their abortion choice. We have also journeyed with men who have lost children due to an abortion.
Individual: We can arrange individual support healing sessions.
Telephone: We respond to individual calls for information and/or to chat.

Group and Individual options take 11 weeks, once a week and address various topics (e.g., the pregnancy, the abortion, anger, hurts, guilt and forgiveness, re-uniting you with your baby).

Note: As of July 20, 2021, due to COVID-19, we are not offering support on a small group basis, but only individual support via WhatsApp (902 999-4332) and telephone (902 423-9955).



Project Rachel offers support for those who have experienced a miscarriage. The support offered consists of:

  • Meeting with the woman and/or couple who have experienced a miscarriage
  • Providing literature on miscarriage (e.g., booklet, brochures)
  • Inviting those interested to be part of our June rock painting and our December “With My Angel at the Manger” events


Following completion of the PR Sessions, we offer the participants an opportunity to participate in these 2 events:


The Healing Rock Garden Ministry offers an opportunity to celebrate our baby. Participants are invited in June, to St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Dartmouth, NS. At the Healing Rock Garden there, we paint or refresh our baby’s name on an individual rock and place these rocks in the garden, as a beautiful memorial to our baby.



With My Angel at the Manger is part of our Project Rachel ministry. We began this program when we overheard 2 couples who were suffering from the loss of their dear babies due to miscarriages, discussing how they were going ‘to get through Christmas’. We felt at Project Rachel that it wasn’t a matter of trying to get through Christmas making every effort to ignore the loss, but rather intentionally, as part of the healing, to take the opportunity to acknowledge the life of their dear baby, even though very short, by including dear baby in their Christmas celebrations in a spiritual way.

We usually host this Christmas celebration at St. Theresa’s Church in Halifax.

We invite you to attend the celebration of this event:

  • if you have had an abortion, or are the dad of an aborted baby
  • if you are a family member/friend of a post-abortion woman or man
  • if you are medical staff, who have taken part in an abortion procedure
  • if your unborn baby has died before birth, due to a miscarriage