1. Before my Pregnancy

In this first Session, you are asked to indicate some significant events in your life before your pregnancy.


2. My Pregnancy

What were the positive and negative emotions you experienced when you first realized you were pregnant?


3. My Abortion Decision

Whose voices did you listen to that influenced your abortion decision?


4. My Abortion

You have the opportunity to put the abortion in its proper time and place.


5. After my Abortion (Post-Abortion Syndrome)

How did you integrate the abortion into your life that evening, the next day, the months and years that followed?


6. My Hurts

You may wish to name those whom you feel hurt you in regards to the abortion.


7. My Anger

You may admit that your hurts have made you very angry. You will learn healthy ways of handling this anger.


8. Forgiveness - Project Rachel is anchored in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

God has already Forgiven you and me! The catch is we have to open our hearts to receive it.


9. My dear Baby

Your child has been calling you to healing. Your baby wants you to stop dwelling on the abortion and start loving him/her.


10. Going on with God in my Life

Healing is a process, a journey. This step gives you tools to continue the healing journey beyond the Project Rachel support group.