What is different in our lives because the evil of abortion exists in the world today? It's a tough question but we need to evaluate our decisions accordingly.

Fr. Mark-Mary concludes a three-part series on Catholic morality and cooperation with evil by encouraging us to choose to be inconvenienced and make purchasing choices that don't aid in the furthering of the abortion industry.


As post-abortion women we have reflected on the voices that played a part in our abortion decision. Some of the voices were those of our parents, relatives and friends. Some comments were actually spoken aloud at the time of our pregnancy. Some were comments we imagined might be made if people found out. And still others came from our own internal voice.

If I told you that after my abortion in 1989

I lived with a deep sadness and a hole in my soul,

I experienced grief, something I never expected since this was my choice,

I experienced a deep regret and spent the time running from the decision I made,

I felt alone and ashamed,

I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same.

Ashley Victoria’s Mom